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SL-TLC13F DC Analog Throttle

Pure DC output; 0 to 24 V @ 13A - On demand cooling fan control

Made in the USA

ANY scale - G, O, HO, N, or Z!

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Features: (photos show TLC1cv throttle which look identical to the TLC12F except for LED status good/fault indicator and graphics)

  • Input voltage at 10 to 24 volts
  • 32 amp output stage - conservatively rated at 13 amps continuous
  • Low noise, brushless fan ball bearing fan with on demand speed cooling
  • Smooth speed control
  • Pure DC output with 150 watt heat dissipation rating
  • Up to 32 amps peak output current at full throttle
  • LED power good status indicator (LED is lit red when input power is good)
  • LED fault indicator (LED off when fault condition exists)

The TLC13F Throttle uses an input of 10 to 24 volts AC or DC. Cooling is provided by a bushless ball bearing fan speed controlled to match power output so it's off when your trains are stopped of running slow and increases as your use more power. Works with any scale trains and any input voltage from 10 to 24 volts. The throttle employs a 32 amp output stage but is conservatively rated at 13 amps continuous output. This unit is both a table-top and a hand held throttle.

The picture above shows the tabletop configuration with input/output connectors on top. The connectors can be placed on the bottom in less than two minutes by removing the faceplate and rotating the case 180 degrees as shown below

In this configuration the unit is ideal for a palm held or walk around throttle with the input/output connectors coming out the bottom.

The throttle features a large forward/reverse switch and a quick response throttle. Turning past slow will stop the power output.

Mfg: Made in the USA by Scale Lights - Soft Works Ltd.

Input Voltage: `10 to 24 V DC

Input Current: 13 amps continuous at 24 Volts

Output Voltage: 0 to maximum input voltage

Pure DC output: No PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) just pure DC voltage

Output Current: 13 amps continuous

Cooling: Provided by a low noise, voltage stabilized, brushless fan powered by input voltage via a auto speed control circuit that varies speed with output power.

Dimensions: 5.25L" x 3.25W" x 1.5"H (2.5H with throttle knob height") Palm Size for optional walk around use.

Weight: 9.5 Oz.


  • 1 ea. 4 terminal block screw connector for 22 to 14 gauge wire

Two terminals are for input power. These are used to connect the throttle with a regulated pure DC supply like the SL-PS320-1-27Fp power supply by ShourtLine as shown below.

The other two terminals provide adjustable continuous pure DC power to your LGB trains or other DC loads.

Easy to set up and easy to operate.

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