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SL-PS320-1-27F New 24 Volt Pure DC, 13 Amp, 320 Watt Power Supply

DC Regulated Switching Power Supply for Any Scale Trains - Analog DC or MTS DCC use.

SL-PS320-1-27F New 24 Volt Pure DC, 13 Amp, 320 Watt Power Supply

SL-PS320-1-27F New 24 Volt Pure DC, 13 Amp, 320 Watt Power Supply

Shourt Line Direct Price: $104.95 New MSRP: $199.95
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The SL-PS320-1-27F regulated switching power supply outputs 24 volts at 13 amps. This supply matches the Massoth 1210Z & 1203B 12 amp central station & booster as well as our analog throttle SL-TLC12F (Click here to view) for DC operation

  • Universal AC input / full range with PFC (Power Factor Correction)
  • Forced air cooling by built-in DC fan
  • Cooling fan auto speed control
  • Over load, over voltage, over temperature & short circuit protection
  • 100% full load burn-in test
  • 3 year warranty

PFC enabled efficiency: Click here to learn why PFC saves you $$$

Mfg: Made in China by Mean Well Click here to view the specification sheet

Input Voltage: 88 ~ 264VAC 124 ~ 370VDC 47 to 63Hz (auto sensing)

Input Current: 5 Amps @ 115VAC, 2.5 Amps @ 230VAC

Output Voltage: 24Volts (Front panel adjustable from 18.6 to 27.2 VDC

Output Current: 13 Amps DC

Efficiency (Typ.): 87%

POWER FACTOR (Typ.): PF>0.95/230VAC PF>0.98/115VAC at full load

Output Power (Rated Wattage): 312 watts

Output Ripple: 150mVp-p

Dimensions: 215*115*50mm (L*W*H)

Weight: 1.1Kg


  • Universal AC input / Full range
  • Built-in active PFC function,
  • PF>0.95
  • Protections:
    • Short circuit
    • Overload
    • Over voltage
    • Over temperature
  • Forced air cooling by built-in DC Fan Built-in fan speed control
  • Fixed switching frequency at 100KHz
  • 3 years warranty
  • Enclosed regulated switching supply.
  • LED output indicator
  • Terminal strip In/Out
  • PFC - Energy Efficient Switching Supply

M.T.F.B.: 207K hrs min. MIL-HDBK-217F (25 )

Safety approvals: UL60950-1, TUV EN60950-1, CCC GB4943 approved.

Mounting: Bottom; 4 ea. 4-M4 L=5mm & 4ea. 5-m3 L=3mm threaded mounted holes. Side; 4 ea. 4-M4 L=6mm threaded mounted holes..

Cables: not included but available separately. (All cables are included in the SL-PS320-1-27&TLC1cv SET (click her to view)

SL-PS320-1-27F 24V

Easily change the output voltage from the front panel

  • Factory Set at 24 Volts
SL-PS320-1-27F 27.2 Volts Adjustment

Boost the voltage to compensate for line voltage drops with the front pannel control.

  • 27.2 Volts Maximum

SL-PS320-1-27F 17.62Volt Adjustment


Lower the voltage to match your layout voltage requirements.

  • 18.6 Volts Minimum
SL-PS320-1-27F 20Volt Adjusted

Protect your train's smoke stack heating element, lighting and electronics by setting the voltage of your choice.

  • 20 Volts shown

Optional AC Cable:
SL-AC-6 6' AC Cord : $2.95
  • Made in the USA
  • UL listed
  • 6 feet long
  • 3 wire cable
  • Molded three prong AC plug
  • Rated 300 Volts,
  • 105 deg. C,
  • 18 AWG with a center green ground wire.


The cable is easily attached to the power supply
using only a screw driver



Optional power 6 foot AC power cord
SL-PS320-1-27 with power cord attached

To Run Trains on DC power:
  1. Attach an AC grounded power cord to the power supply.
  2. Attach 18 gauge wires between the supply and 1 or 2 SL-TLC1cv DC throttle.
  3. Attach wires between the SL-TLC1cv and your track.

This combination provides 200VA of power and 24VDC PURE LINEAR POWER at 6 Amps continuous/12.5 amps peak. Maximum power supply output voltage can be adjusted from 17.8 to 27.2 Volts DC by turning the adjustment control on the supply front Panel. (See photo below)

The power supply is perfect for use with our TLC12 Throttle shown above with track clips in our SL-PS300-1-27F&TLC12F SET (click her to view). The +V Adj. control on the font panel makes this the perfect 13 amp 17.8 to 27.2 Volt DC Power supply for DC or DCC (MTS) power.
The power supply power two or three TLC8F Throttles shown above with the use of circut breakers on each throttle. The SL-PS300-1-27F SET (click her to view). kit includes all the items shown above, just add wire and track clips and your ready to run.

To Run Trains on MTS/DDC power::

Attach an AC grounded power cord to the power supply.

  1. Attach two wires between the supply and your DCC central station or booster (Digitrax DCS 200 shown).
  2. Attach wires between the DCC central station or booster and your track.
  3. Plug in the power supply

The SL-PS320-1-27F power supply is a perfect match to the Massoth 1210Z and 1203 B 12 amp booster to provide 12 amps of continuous DCC power. The supply may also be used with other DCC central stations and boosters.

SL-PS320-1-27 13 Amp Power Supply
Massoth 1210Z Central Station
= 12 amps of pure MTS/DCC power

For all NMRA DCC AND LGB type I, II and III products

The Massoth 1210Z 12 amp central statioin and the SL-PS320-1-27 power supply is a perfect match for MTS/DCC use. The Massoth 1210Z is available at the Shourt Line now and comes with a USB port for PC control and firmware updates for all massoth products.

Need more than 12 amps of track power, use a 2nd SL-PS320-1-27 and a Massoth 1203B booster to add 12 additional amps of power to your layout.

Massoth is the maker of all LGB electronics and Massoth is the only manufacture that makes DCC/MTS products that meet BOTH NMRA DCC standards AND LGB type I, II and III MTS standards. This means this is the only product line guaranteed to operate ALL your old and new LGB locomotives with type I, II and III decoders as well as all NMRA standard DCC products.


A perfect match; SL-PS320-1-27F (13A) + the Wireless Massoth Starter Set; 1210Z central station, Navigator FM and receiver for ultimate wireless MTS/DCC Train Control.


AThe PS-320-1-27F + Massoth wireless starter set allows wireless control of MTS, DCC and analog trains.
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