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LGB MTS and NMRA DCC Compatible Wireless G Scale Train Controller and Programmer

SL-PIKO-DDC-5-PS-Kit Including

  • PIKO 35010 DCC/MTS Digital Central Station 5 Amps
  • PIKO 35021 Wireless Navigator Remote for DCC, MTS or DC
  • PIKO 35022 Wireless Receiver for DCC, MTS or DC
  • Shourt Line 5112406 SL 6.5 Amp 24V Power Supply (adjustable)
  • AC and DC power cords

Complete DCC and MTS Train Control System

SL-PIKO-DDC-5-PS-Kit complete DCC and MTS Train Control System
New in PIKO factory sealed boxes - available with or without our Regulated Power Supply & AC/DC cables (Train, Track and PIKO Track Power Cables available separately)

Shourt Line Direct Discount Price: $859.95 NEW

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The PIKO Wireless 5 Amp Starter Set provides the same operational functionality, range, reliability and built in decoder programming capability as the top of the line Massoth 8 and 12 amp wireless starter sets at a fraction of the cost. Massoth has licensed PIKO the firmware, electronics and Navigator to PIKO to produce this MTS/DCC system at fantastic savings.

The NEW PIKO Central Station, Receiver, Switch Decoder and EPL switch motors all feature water and weather resistance designs for true outdoor or indoor use.

Fantastic value DCC starter system with all the features of the Massoth wireless MTS/DCC system at 1/3 the price. All PIKO central station and Navigator features including:

Set Features:

  • All PIKO Items Made in GERMANY
  • 2 year guarantee by PIKO America
  • PIKO components offer the full Massoth Feature Set
  • PIKO components are weather resistant for Indoor and Outdoor operation
  • Full LGB MTS and NMRA DCC compatibility
  • Easy Setup
  • Easy Operation
  • Easy programming of all your MTS and DCC decoders

PIKO 35010 DCC/MTS Digital Central Station 5 Amps

Complete set as shown above (track, track clips and loco extra)


  • Up to 5 Amps track current
  • Selectable parallel or serial data processing (may be defined individually for each locomotive)
  • Thermal overload control / automatic overheat protection
  • Automatic short circuit protection
  • Programming track power for all MTS or DCC decoders and switch decoders
  • Operational control light
  • Activity control light
  • Emergency STOP indication
  • Push button Emergency STOP
  • 1 connectors for peripheral DiMAX bus
  • DiMAX Massoth control bus
  • Operational control by PIKO Navigator (included with set) or Massoth DiMAX Navigator or LGB MTS components ( Loco Remote, Universal Remote, etc. when used with Massoth bus adapter.)
  • MTS and Massoth MTS track protocol and 100% compatible to NMRA DCC Standard
  • Special plastic coverer on front and rear for water resistance
  • For Indoor and Outdoor use

PIKO 35021 Wireless Navigator Remote for DCC, MTS or DC

PIKO 35021 Wireless Navigator Remote for DCC, MTS or DC PIKO 35021 Wireless Navigator Remote for DCC, MTS or DC

PIKO DiMAX Navigator
Now you can enjoy the never ending liberty of controlling your model railroad utilizing the PIKO DiMAX bus compatible Navigator. This wireless hand held control offers a variety of enhanced features no other remote control offers. You control your locomotive and send a switch command at the same time.

No limits
The DiMAX navigator is available with wireless RC. The wireless system is working bidirectional on FM and it is fail-safe. You may roam freely in or around your layout. You may recharge your batteries by using the bus cable. The range is up to 1000 feet outdoors.

The DiMAX navigator is one of the few hand held controllers on the market that feature a back lighted graphical display and back lighted emergency stop buttons. The dial type throttle is easy and intuitive to use and the stop keys provide emergency stop and release of emergency stop wirelessly.

Ergonomic design
The housing is ergonomically designed with the weight being perfectly balanced. The symmetric design serves both left and right hand control.

High resolution graphic display
The large crystal display with its white back light shows the exact operating situation of your locomotives as well as your layout. More than 100 locomotive pictures are stored. Every locomotive is displayed with a real picture on the crystal screen and you may name your locomotives individually. This enables you to distinguish between locomotives of the same type. The display also shows the state of the 16 functions of your locomotive, light symbol, the driving direction and the speed as a numeric value and as a progressive bar

List of properties:

  • Operates on only 3 AAA batteries for days (rechargeable or alkaline)
  • 10239 locomotive addresses
  • 14, 28, and 128 speed steps
  • Functions F1 to F16 + light function (as key)
  • Locomotive pictures of all commonly used models in G-Scale (all LGB models integrated)
  • locomotive name (alphanumeric)
  • parallel and serial data processing
  • two operation modes at the same time: 2x locomotive driving mode or 1x locomotive driving mode + 1x switch control mode or switch routes,...
  • easy to use control menu
  • programmable STOP keys
  • 16 x 4-fold consist operation
  • 16 switch routes with 15 switches each
  • 2048 switch addresses
  • 2048 feedback addresses
  • 32 automatic functions for driving and switching
  • System display
  • Blocking function (mode with limited functions, e.g. as a child protection)

The DiMAX Navigator supports all common programming procedures. The programming procedures depends on the DCC system used.

- CV programming ( direct and indirect ) now with MZS III too
- CV reading
- register programming
- POM Program on Main (program on the main driving track)
- Locomotive address programming (direct input of the desired address)

Language selection
The Navigator can to either German or English.

The PIKO DiMAX Navigator is designed to be used with a cable connection or wireless and it is compatible to the LGB© MTS III system. If you use the DiMAX Navigator with the LGB© MTS III system the PIKO DiMAX Navigator can only perform within the limited capabilities of the LGB© MTS III system but is unlimited with the PIKO Central Station.

The PIKO DiMAX bus compatible Navigator includes:

  • DiMAX Wireless Navigator for US
  • 20' bus cord for connecting to throttles, accessories and/or receivers
  • Instructions
  • Factory box to hold all items

PIKO 35022 Wireless Receiver for DCC, MTS or DC

PIKO 35022 Wireless Receiver for DCC, MTS or DC PIKO 35022 Wireless Receiver for DCC, MTS or DC

The PIKO DiMAX compatible Receiver enables you to wirelessly operate the PIKO Navigator with a PIKO central station or Massoth or LGB MTS III central station without wires at up to 1000 feet. The PIKO Receiver facilitates the operation of a maximum of 8 PIKO Navigators or Massoth Navigators at the same time.

Charging power is provided by the digital bus. A range of up to 1000 ft facilitates a safe operation at all times. 4 frequencies are available to ensure an operation without interferences by other devices. An activity LED reports the current operating status of the receiver at all times.

The PIKO Multi Receiver is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology is sealed for Indoor and Outdoor operation.

The DiMAX receiver includes:

  • Made In Germany
  • Water Resistant Seals for true Indoor and Outdoor use
  • PIKO DiMAX Wireless Receiver for US
  • Works with any Massoth or PIKO Navigator ( up to 8 each)
  • Works with the PIKO 5amp DCC Central Station OR the PIKO DC 5amp DC controller for true analog operations
  • 20' bus cord for connecting to throttles, accessories and/or receivers
  • Instructions
  • Factory box to hold all items (shown below)

Shourt Line 5112406 SL 6.5 Amp 24V Power Supply (adjustable)

Shourt Line 5112406 Regulated 24V 6.5A power supply

Shourt Line 5112406 Regulated 24V 6.5A power supply adjustment animation

Easy to use full feature regulated power supply with regulated pure DC power a superior power source and direct replacement for hard to find LGB 50111.


  • High efficiency
  • High reliability
  • Silent Operation - No Fan required
  • Protections:
    • Over-voltage
    • Over-current
    • Over-power
    • Short-circuit
  • UL & CE certified
  • Output reverse protection
  • VAC input range selected by switch
  • 100% full load burn-in test
  • EMI/RFI: FCC Part 15J, Class A & CISPR 22 Class A
  • DC adjust range
  • Free air cooling convection
  • LED Power on indication
  • Mfg. Warranty: 3 years
  • 199* 110* 50 mm
  • Weight: 0.73kgs/

Shourt Line AC and DC power cords


  • Grounded 6 foot AC cord
  • DC 6 foot power cord for connecting the power supply to the central station

How to hookup the NEW SL-PIKO-DDC-5-PS-Kit - Complete MTS/DCC system for wired or wireless control:

The SL-PS150-1-24 if a perfect fit to power the new PIKO MTS/DCC 5 amp central station and PIKO 5 amp boosters.

Gain complete MTS II, III (Serial and Parallel) as well as NRMR DCC control and programming with the new PIKO central station, PIKO Wireless Navigator and optional PIKO Wireless Receiver (shown below - available at our store.)

PIKO MTS DCC Control System

1) Connect the Power supply + and - terminals outputs to your central station's input terminals

2) Connect track to the central station outputs

PIKO Central Station rear view

3) Plug your choice of Massoth DiMAX Navigator or PIKO Navigator into the central station or use the New PIKO wireless Receiver shown below for wireless control and decoder programming.

Complete wireless DC (analog) control kit: SL-PIKO-DDC-5-PS-Kit $649.95 includes the following items; PIKO 35010 DCC/MTS Digital Central Station 5 Amps,  PIKO Wireless Receiver (Transceiver), PIKO Navigator bi-directional wireless throttle, SL-PS150-1-24 G Scale Regulated Power Supply and DC and AC power cables (PIKO quick connect track clips are also available). See our store for details

4) Connect AC power and run your trains

How to expand your PIKO MTS/DCC system

The PIKO Digital System is based upon the Massoth DiMAX bus, the same bus build into the LGB MTS III Central Station and all Massoth Central Stations and DiMAX accessories. Use any Massoth DiMAX accessory to expand your system when moving beyond the capability of the Wireless PIKO Starter System shown below:

PIKO MTS/DCC System Diagram

The Automated functions of the PIKO Central Station can be used with our Shourt Line track contacts SL-TC-17100 Track Contact, SL-TC-17100-nt-xx Track Contact , SL-LMX-17010 Loco Magnet , and the Massoth Feedback Module to create automated Trolley systems, or a 5 train totally automated layout without the need for a PC or 3rd party software - all expansion items available at our store.

Please contact us for more information or automation examples using the extensive Automatic Programming build into the PIKO Central Station, the same functions available as the Massoth Central Stations but at a fraction of the cost.

For more MTS/DCC track power use the New PIKO 5 Amp Boosters and our regulated Pure DC power supplies to expand your system as needed.

All aboard! Join the fun with this totally compatible LGB MTS II, III / DCC system. The only limit is your imagination.

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