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SL-TMU-1705 Under Tie Track Magnet - Invisible - Easy 2 minute Install!

Automate your railroad with the Shourt Line SL-TMU-1705 under tie track magnets to activate your locos horn/whistle and bell sounds.

Replacement for and functionally superior to LGB 1705 Track Magnets (no longer available)
SL TMU 1705 mounts under your railroad tie
Track contact is shown above installed on the bottom of a G scale track which is not included with the track contact

Price: $1.12 New

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  • Low Cost
  • Superior performance to LGB 1705
  • Works with all LGB G scale track and many other manufacturer's track
  • High sensitivity - operates up to 1 inch from loco sound reed switches- place inside any railroad tie
  • Invisible - will not interfere with locos or rolling stock
  • Stronger magnet than the LGB 1705 for superior performance
  • Easy install - just push inside a railroad tie - no tools or glue needed
  • Install anywhere - works on straights, curves or switch tracks!
  • Ferrite magnet - superior strength for superior performance and greater placement flexibility


Mfg: Made in the USA by the Shourt Line - Soft Works Ltd.

Weight: .2 Oz.

Dimensions: .3"W X 1"L X .2"H


LGB 1705 shown below (no longer available)
LGB 1705

How to use:

The SL-TMU-1705 Under Tie Track Contact is easy to use.

  1. Turn track upside down and select a tie to install the SL TMU 1705 magnet.
    SL TMU 1705 turn track upside down and select a tie to install the magnet

  2. Insert one end of the SL TMU 1705 magnet near the center of a tie.
    SL TMU 1705 put one end of the magnet near the center of a tie

  3. Press the SL TMU 1705 magnet firmly into the underside of the tie - no gluing is not needed or recommended.
    SL TMU 1705 Press the magnet firmly into the underside of the tie - no gluing is not needed or recomended

  4. Installation is complete! Turn track right side up and note that the orientation of the track will trigger your loco horn/whistle or bell sounds.
    SL TMU 1705

  5. Run your trains! As a loco passes a magnet it will activate either your horn/whistle or bell depending on which side of the track you place the magnet.
    Train Automation with track contacts and loco magnets
    Track, transformer and train not included in this auction.


Here you can see an LGB 1705 track magnet (no longer available) mounted between railroad ties on LGB track. This magnet does not work well on non LGB track and is not flexible in placement as only some ties are wide enough to allow installation. The LGB 1705 uses a very small low cost magnet that must be elevated close to the locos reed switches as it has a week magnetic field. If you open up the housing you will notice the magnet placement under the elevated black raised rectangle shown below. This high placement causes many locos to hit the surface of the magnet causing wear by grinding off the LGB logo on the right side of the housing. Eventually this will expose the magnet and ruin the device and locos..
LGB 1705 track magnet

Here you can see the lower profile of the Shourt LIne SL-TM-1705 does not interfere with your locos undercarriage. The use of a Neodymium magnet allows a much smaller, more prototypical, housing.
SL-TM-1705 mounted on LGB track

For invisible installation of a track magnets the Shourt LIne SL-TMU-1705 track magnet is the way to go! This is a good choice when you want invisible placement of track magnets inside your railroad ties. Here you can see the placement between one rail and the center mounting hole of an LGB 1000 style track. The SL-TMU-1705 uses the maximum available magnet size while still fitting perfectly inside a LGB railroad tie.
SL-TMU-1705 invisible track magnet

The Shourt Line SL-TMU-1705 provides the ultimate in flexibility and ease of installation with most all Manufactures track.
SL TMU 1705 in hand

For indoor or outdoor use.

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