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SL-TC-17100 Track Contact (replaces LGB 1700 and 17100)

Automate your railroad with these track contacts that activate by loco magnets and control your switches and signals.

Replacement for and functionally identical to LGB 1700 & LGB 17100 Track Contacts (no longer available)

SL TC 17100 Track Contact CU
This auction is for 1 track contact as shown above - nickel shown for size not included with item.

Shourt Line Direct Discount Price: $14.46 New


  • Input voltage 12 to 18 Volts AC, 24 Volts DCC or MTS
  • 1.5 amp output for controlling LGB switch or signals motors EPL or old 3 terminal style motors
  • Waterproof sensor - Triple sealed glass, 600 deg. high temp Silicone and Brass
  • 18" stress relieved cable between the quick connect terminal block and sensor - allows out of sight installation
  • High sensitivity - operates up to 1 inch from loco magnets - place inside your railroad tie
  • 400 volt components for long life
  • 600 degree high temperature silicon used for safe high temperature outdoor installations
  • Invisible sensor - fits under your railroad tie or on the side of a tie
  • Easy install - no soldering required
  • Includes three connector terminal strip for easy hook up using a screw driver
  • Safe for continuous use (loco parked over track contact switch)


Mfg: Made in the USA by the Shourt Line - Soft Works Ltd.

Input Voltage: 24V Max AC, DC, DCC or MTS (Shourt Line SL-PS-16AC40 16 VAC 40 Watt Transformer recommended)

Output Current: 1.5 amps maximum

Maximum Ambient Operating Temperature: 200 degrees Fahrenheit ( 93 Celsius)

Weight: 2 Oz.

Dimensions: 1.2" X .18" diameter sensor connected to 18" cable and .6" W X.6" L X .5" H terminal block with 3 termials

How to use:

The SL-TC-17100 Track Contact is easy to use.

  1. Place sensor inside or on the side of a track tie on a straight or curved section of track using the supplied double stick outdoor adhesive and/or silicon in place.

    SL TC 17100 placed mounted inside a railroad tie

  2. Turn the track over and connect to your layout.
    SL TC 17100 track top view

  3. Notice the terminals are identical to the LGB track contacts where AC power is applied to the center contact and the left contact outputs + and the left outputs - voltage as desired to open or close a track or signal motor.
    SL TC 17100 close up with 18 inch cable

  4. Connect two track contacts to open and close a switch motor as the train passes each contact. Power is provides by a Shourt Line SL-PS-16AC40 16 VAC 40 Watt Transformer and connected to one pole of the motor and both center connector of the track connector (shown in blue below)
    2 SL TC 17100 wired to transformer and track motor

  5. The right contact of one track contact (the negative output - black wire) and the left contact of the other switch contact (the positive output - red wire) are both connected to the unused pole of the switch motor (shown below). Indoor or outdoor use - water proof sensor..
    SL TC 17100 wiring diagram close up picture

  6. Run your trains! As a loco magnet passes each contact, the switch motor opens and closes to provide automation for your layout.
    Train Automation with track contacts and loco magnets
    Track, transformer and train not included in this auction.

    Connection Schematic:

    Make sure to use a 16 Volt AC power source for powering your track and signal motors from track contacts.



SL TC 17100

For indoor or outdoor use.

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