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SL-PS36-1-24 24 Volt 1.67 Amp DC Regulated Switching Power Supply for Analog DC or MTS DCC use.

Price: $24.95 New

The power coax plug attached to the supply plugs directly into our SL-TLC1 (shown on the right) for a complete solution to run 24V G Scale Trains at maximum voltage and with full interior lights without overloading.

This combination provides 36VA of power and 24VDC PURE LINEAR POWER at 1.67 amps.

The supply may also be used with most DCC bossters for MTS (Multi Train Systems).

Features: The SL-PS36-1-24 regulated switching power supply outputs 24 volts at 1.67 amps. This supply matches the analog throttle for DC operation or may be used with most DCC bossters for MTS (Multi Train Systems).

Mfg: Made in the Taiwan by Gilat.

Input Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC 50-60 Hz (autoranging)

Input Current: 1 amps

Output Voltage: 24 volts

Output Current: 1.67 amps

Dimensions: 4L" x 2.5W" x 2"H

Weight: 7 Oz.

Cables: 1 ea. 5' 9" DC output cord attached to the supply that matches the power input connector of the SL-TLC1 Analog Throttle or other throttle with a minimum of capacity of 1.67 amps at 24 volts or greater voltage.

Safety approvals: UL Listed.

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