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Hartland Locomotive Works
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G Scale Products for Model Railroading

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The Shourt Line is an Authorized Hartland Locomotive Works dealer. All Hartland Locomotive Works products are products are American made; Designed, manufactured, assembled and packaged in LaPorte, Indiana! All products come with a 1 year warranty.

Products: (click on boxed items for more details):

  • Engines
    • Steam Locomotives
      • 2-4-4 G-Scale Forney Locomotive
      • 4-4-0 Locomotive American Steamer

      • 0-4-4-0 Logging Locomotive
    • Electric Locomotives
      • Birney Trolley

      • Sparky - Switcher
      • Motorized Loco Line Car + Figure & Accessories

      • Interurban

    • Gas & Diesel Locomotives
      • Mighty Mack - Switcher
      • Rail Motor Car

      • Rail Bus: Doozie
        Hartland Locomotive Works
      • Rail Cars / Pick-Ups: "Woodys"

  • Cars
    • Mini Series
      Hartland Locomotive Works
      • Tank Cars
      • Gondolas
      • Gondolas with loads
      • Log Car

      • Oar Cars
      • Cabooses

    • Box Cars
      Hartland Locomotive Works
    • Cattle Cars
    • Flat Cars/Log Cars
      Hartland Locomotive Works Log Car
    • Gondolas
      Hartland Locomotive Works Gondola
    • Cabooses

  • Kits & Sets
    • Mining Set
      Hartland Locomotive Works Mine Train
    • Vineyard Set
      Hartland Locomotive Works Vineyard Set
    • Mini Series Kits

    HLW Mini Series Kits

    Click here to view all kits & assembly instructions
    (red tanker is custom painted)

    • Barrel Kit
      Hartland Locomotive Works Barrel KitHartland Locomotive Works Barrel Kit Contents of Kit


    • Out of Production Items - Limited availability (click on link to view)

    G Scale HLW 10201 Army Play Starter Set + Tank + Army Figures & Accessories

  • Parts and Accessories
    Hartland Locomotive Works Products Barrel power-supply Hartland Locomotive Works Wheels Hartland Locomotive Works Truck Hartland Locomotive Works Side Rods

HLW-09410_Laporte_2-4-4_Forney HLW-09705_Mack-Engine_Mack-Green_side-view/HLW-09705_Mack-Engine_Mack-Green HLW- 09805_Line-Car_South-Shore_Orange/HLW--09805_Line-Car_South-Shore_Orange HLW-09213_Rail-Car_Pacific-Electric/HLW-09213_Rail-Car_Pacific-Electric_Red HLW-09551_D&RGW-Modern_Black

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All Hartland Locomotive Products are Shourt Line Discount Priced and ready for ship

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